University of Wisconsin–Madison


Bradford Barham


(608) 265-3090

422 Taylor Hall

Technological Change, international agricultural development, and Latin America

Jean-Paul Chavas

Anderson-Bascom Professor

(608) 261-1944

518 Taylor Hall

Economics of agriculture, price dynamics, technological change, applied econometrics, economics of trade,welfare and policy analysis

Tessa Conroy

Assistant Professor

(608) 265-4327

521 Taylor Hall

Regional economic development, community development, entrepreneurship, and small business dynamics

Ian Coxhead


(608) 262-6390

417 Taylor Hall

Economics of development, globalization, trade, education, labor markets and migration, poverty, inequality, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, and Southeast Asia

Steven Deller


(608) 263-6251

515 Taylor Hall

Economic growth and development patterns, community economic development, and public finance

Fengxia Dong

Associate Scientist

(608) 262-7359

223 Taylor Hall

Agricultural sustainability, production economics, food safety, and bioenergy economics

Paul Dower

Assistant Professor

(608) 262-4499

411 Taylor Hall

Sheldon (Xiaodong) Du

Associate Professor

(608) 262-0699

331 Taylor Hall

Economics of energy, commodity markets, economics of agriculture, and applied econometrics

Jason Fletcher

Affiliate Faculty

(608) 263-6010

307 Observatory Hill Office Building
4430 Sewell Social Sciences

Jeremy Foltz

Professor and Chair

(608) 262-6871

433 Taylor Hall

Technology adoption, technological change, biotechnology, economic development, political economy, and Africa

Brian Gould

Renk Professor of Agribusiness

(608) 263-3212

421 Taylor Hall

Agricultural policy analysis, analysis of the economics of food safety and nutrition, consumer behavior, and applied econometric modeling

Corbett Grainger

Associate Professor

(608) 262-3651

412 Taylor hall

Environmental and natural resource economics, distributional effects of environmental policies, property rights in common pool resources, political economy of environmental/resource policies

Brent Hueth

Associate Professor

(608) 890-0924

517 Taylor Hall

Contracting and organizations, agricultural markets, cooperatives, industrial organization, and applied econometrics

Craig Johnston

Affiliate Faculty

(608) 890-3609

A147 Russell Labs
520 Taylor Hall

Environmental and natural resource economics, international trade, bioenergy, computational economics, and risk management

Sarah Johnston

Assistant Professor

412 Taylor Hall

Industrial organization, energy and environmental economics

Paul Mitchell


(608) 265-6514

418 Taylor Hall

Production economics, risk management, integrated pest management (IPM), resistance management, and sustainability

Dominic Parker

Associate Professor

(608) 262-8916

413 Taylor Hall

Environmental and resource economics, development, property rights and legal institutions, resource booms

Daniel Phaneuf

Henry C. Taylor Professor

(608) 262-4908

416 Taylor Hall

Environmental economics with specific expertise in non-market valuation, and applied econometrics

R. Provencher


(608) 262-9494

519 Taylor Hall

Environmental and resource economics, with particular emphasis on the demand side management of energy, valuation of ecosystem services, socio-ecological interactions, and the dynamic allocation of resources

Thomas Rutherford


(608) 316-4362

330 Taylor Hall
4243B Wisconsin Institute of Discovery

Energy markets, climate policy, international trade, technical change and computational economics

Laura Schechter


(608) 262-9482

334 Taylor Hall

Development economics, behavioral and experimental economics, and risk analysis

Guanming Shi

Associate Professor

(608) 263-6250

329 Taylor Hall

Applied microeconomics, intellectual property rights and industrial organization, and production economics

Mark Stephenson

Faculty Affiliate

(608) 890-3755

202 Taylor Hall

Price outlook, marketing plans, value-added dairy, cost of processing, and cost of milk hauling

Kyle Stiegert


(608) 217-5836

516 Taylor Hall

Industrial organization of the food and agricultural sectors, antitrust policy, international trade, and international competition policy

Emilia Tjernström

Assistant Professor

(608) 262-6278

520 Taylor Hall
201 Observatory Hill Office Building

Development economics, behavioral economics, and political economy