University of Wisconsin–Madison

Graduate Students

Zachary Barnett-Howell

301 Taylor Hall

Political economy, development economics, behavioral economics, and machine learning

Allison Derrick

317 Taylor Hall

Development economics, international trade, and regional economics

Mingxuan Fan

319 Taylor Hall

Environmental and Resource Economics

Rachel Frattarola

316 Taylor Hall

Development Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Behavioral Economics

Jared Gars

Development Economics, Organizational Economics, Behavioral Economics

Uyen Le

106 Taylor Hall

Zachary Legge

106 Taylor Hall

Utility Regulation, Energy and Environmental Economics

Ziyi Lu

303 Taylor Hall

Norihiko Matsuda

313 Taylor Hall

Development Economics, Labor Economics

Thanicha Ruangmas

305 Taylor Hall

Environmental and Resource Economics, Applied Econometrics

Yuji Saikai

221 Taylor Hall

Mathematical modeling, Machine learning, Complex systems, Agricultural production, Local food systems

Andrew Schreiber

321 Taylor Hall

Environmental, Natural Resource and Computational Economics

Nouhoum Traore

302 Taylor Hall

Development Economics, International Trade

Dawei Yi

106 Taylor Hall