Graduate Students

Priyadarshi Amar

B17 Taylor Hall

Political Economy, Development Economics

Zhidong Chen

303 Taylor Hall

Econometrics, environmental economics

Joshua Deutschmann

315 Taylor Hall

Development Economics, Industrial Organization, Applied Econometrics

Ya Ding

109 Taylor Hall

Gaurav Doshi

221 Taylor Hall

Energy and Environmental Economics, Industrial Organization

Jens Engelmann

320 Taylor Hall

Environmental and Resource Economics, Development Economics

Vikas Gawai

313 Taylor Hall

Development, Education, Health, Labor, Applied Micro and Econometrics, Racial and Gender Inequality

Irene Jacqz

321 Taylor Hall

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

Minsun Jang

B4 Taylor Hall

Demand analysis in organic food consumption, industrial organization of food sector, economic decision making and behavioral economics

Alexey Kalinin

305 Taylor Hall

Environmental and Resource Economics

Ziyi Lu

303 Taylor Hall

Mingcong Pan

B17 Taylor Hall

Political Economy, Development and Growth, Economic History

Esteban Quiñones

301 Taylor Hall

Development Economics, Migration and Demography

Yuji Saikai

317 Taylor Hall

Machine learning, Bayesian optimization, Agent-based modeling, Precision agriculture, Agricultural systems

Yuan Xu

109 Taylor Hall

Xiaoyu Zhang

109 Taylor Hall

Jessica Zhu

304 Taylor Hall

Development Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Applied Microeconometrics