Development Economics Certificate

Development Economics Certificate

For students who are interested in learning more about the global economy, understanding the roots of poverty, and investigating policy solutions.

Courses look at the impact of globalization on populations worldwide, and aim to help you use analytical skills to understand the impact of population growth on global economies. There are also courses to explore the topics of environment and development, hunger and food security and regional courses on Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia.

Choose the 15-credit Certificate in Development Economics to sharpen your understanding of some of the most pressing problems facing the global community.

In order to declare the Certificate, the student must have successfully completed AAE 215, Econ 101, or Econ 111 or a comparable introductory economics course.

The Certificate requires 5 courses, including a minimum of one from each of the following options:

  1. AAE 474 – Economic Problems of Developing Areas
  2. AAE Core course: 373 or 374
  3. Elective AAE Courses: 319, 350, 373 or 374, 462, 473, 477
  4. Other Elective Courses
      1. Community and Environmental Sociology: 540, 630
      2. Economics: 364, 464, 467, 475
      3. Geography: 339, 340
      4. International Business: 200, 445
      5. International Studies: 402
      6. Political Science: 330, 348, 350
  5. One additional course from the options 2-4 above

More information on courses and requirements can be found in The Guide.

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