Research News

Rural broadband access

Tessa Conroy studied whether improved broadband access boosts rural entrepreneurship.

Reducing power grid congestion

Sarah Johnston studied what might accelerate adding renewable energy to the nation’s power grid.

Breeding choices for dairy cows

Sheldon Du showed that choosing bulls wisely helps increase the revenue of Wisconsin’s dairy farmers.

Close-up view of a map showing Vermont and New Hampshire

Food labels matter

Andrew Stevens analyzed the impact of mandatory labels for genetically engineered food in Vermont.

Improving tax participation

Paul Dower tested if tax code education in Togo, Africa, would increase the tax law compliance of “informal” firms.

Diversifying the supply chain

Andrew Stevens studied the resilience of small companies in the agricultural and food sectors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Priceless lake beauty?

Dan Phaneuf estimated the dollar value of clean waterways for the people living near them. Audio summary here.

Does democracy boost economic growth?

Priya Mukherjee studied if transitions to democracy in Indonesia affected firm productivity.