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Ag & Applied Economics Spring & Summer 2015 Graduates

Undergraduate Students:

Lance Baretz May ABM
Andrew Berger May AAE
Anthony Bird May ABM
Olivia Brandt May ABM
Claire Cameron May AAE
Annan Chen May AAE
Mary Chernyaev May AAE
Ryan Corbett May ABM
Matthew Dean May ABM
Katherine Dreier May ABM
Hamza Faisal May ABM
Drew Falkner May ABM
Zhexun Feng August AAE
Enis Gashi August ABM
Michele Gutenberger May ABM
Bryanna Hathaway May ABM
Timothy Her August AAE
Dylan Iczkowski May AAE
Gabriel Janke May ABM
Erin Krause May ABM
Jim Larson May ABM
Henry Lee May ABM
Cara Levetzow May ABM
Alex Lunde May AAE
Michelle Marshall May ABM
Antoinette Mauer May ABM
Timothy McCall May AAE
Joel McGinn August ABM
Justin Meng May AAE
Alex Merwald May ABM
Bonnie Meyer May AAE
Jacqueline Montalvo August AAE
Joshua Pagel May ABM
Patricia Paskov May AAE
Stephanie Peace May ABM
William Peasley May ABM
Maxwell Pielet May ABM
Lisa Schram May ABM
Qiwei Si May ABM
Mackenzie Skatter May ABM
Tony Smith May AAE
Justin Sutter May ABM
Lorna Tokos May AAE
Tyler Turgeon May ABM
Marc VandeWettering May ABM
Nicholas Vandreese May ABM
Visar Veseli August ABM
Mckenna Walbeck May ABM
Molly Walker May ABM
Quinn Wholean May ABM
Lexie Winiecke August ABM
Matthew Zahares May AAE

Graduate Students (& appointments where applicable):

Ya-ting Chuang Ph.D., (visiting professor) College of the Holy Cross, Worcester MA

Peter (Jhin) Han, Ph.D., Economic Research Service, USDA

Heesun Jang Ph.D., post-doc with Brent Hueth in AAE

Chang Lian, Ph.D., Chase Bank, Columbus, Ohio

Chris Taylor, Ph.D., University of Mount Olive, North Carolina

Sarah Walker, Ph.D., University of New South Wales, Australia

Ginny Moore M.S., entering the Plant Pathology Ph.D. program

Emily O?Brien, M.S., Technical Services, Epic, Madison, Wisconsin

Luke Pauley, M.S., Senior Statistician, WPS Health Insurance, Madison, Wisconsin

Maureen Stickel M.S., will continue working on Laura Schechter?s Paraguay project

Nicola Wille, M.S., Associate Analyst, Analytic Partners, Broomfield, Colorado

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