Job Market Candidates

Ph.D. Candidates

Jens Engelmann

Environmental and Resource Economics, Development Economics

Job Market Paper:
"The unintended consequences of market consolidation: Evidence from Mato Grosso, Brazil"

Jennifer Alix-Garcia, Applied Economics at Oregon State
Dominic Parker, Agricultural and Applied Economics
Jonah Busch, Earth Innovation Institute
Emilia Tjernström, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Alexey Kalinin

Environmental and Resource Economics

Job Market Paper:
"What’s Mine is Yours: Transboundary Pollution from Abandoned Coal Mines "

Dominic Parker, Agricultural & Applied Economics
Dan Phaneuf, Agricultural & Applied Economics
Adena Rissman, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

Esteban Quiñones

Development Economics, Migration and Demography

Job Market Paper:
"Anticipatory Migration and Local Labor Responses to Rural Climate Shocks"

Bradford L. Barham, Agricultural & Applied Economics
Laura Schechter, Agricultural & Applied Economics
Jenna Nobles, Sociology + Center for Demography & Ecology
Andrew Dillon, Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management + Buffett Institute for Global Studies

Jessica Zhu

Development Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Applied Microeconometrics

Job Market Paper:
"Heterogeneous farmers' technology adoption decisions: Good on average is not good enough"

Laura Schechter, Agricultural and Applied Economics
Jeremy Foltz, Agricultural and Applied Economics
Emilia Tjernström, Agricultural and Applied Economics
Florence Kondylis, The World Bank