Michael Vigdor

M.S. Resource and Energy Demand Analysis (REDA)

Bio Sketch
Growing up Michael always had an affinity for environmental justice and the great outdoors. He spent much of his childhood camping and hiking around the US. Committed to help ensure that our natural resources remain accessible to all he earned a B.S. in Economics and a B.S. in Environmental Studies-both from UW Madison. After completing his undergraduate degrees Michael enrolled in the REDA program in order to strengthen his technical and analytical abilities. Through the program, he has learned to apply his passion for going green to the energy industry. After graduating this summer, Michael plans to move into the renewable energy field in order to further his career and make a lasting impact on the industry.
Personal Reflection
After five years at UW Madison, the city has become my new home. I have met so many incredible people including my life long best friends and my wonderful girlfriend Isabelle. While I am certainly nervous, as I think many of us are about joining the workforce, I truly believe that Madison has given me the skills and tools necessary to make an impact in my field. I have so many fond memories here that it is hard to recount them all, but I doubt anything can top being at Picnic Point early in the morning and watching the sun come up on this incredible town.