Yuxuan Li

M.S. Professional Option

Inner Mongolia, China
Yuxuan Li
Bio Sketch
Yuxuan earned her B.S. in Applied Economics at the Beijing Institute of Technology. She completed her senior year at UW-Madison in the Visiting International Student program (VISP), Agricultural and Applied Economics track. After receiving her bachelor's, Yuxuan enrolled in the M.S. Agricultural and Applied Economics Professional Option (MSPO). She has worked as a project assistant in her department, evaluating the relationship that health insurance status has on the length of stay for hospital patients with mental health conditions. She is interested in applied economics and econometrics for the environment and health and is eager to apply economic analysis to help health care decisions. Yuxuan is seeking a position with consulting firms, especially those with expertise in health and outcomes research, where she can apply the strong foundational knowledge as well as programming and analytical skills she has gained through her graduate program.