Jared Hutchins


Agricultural Economics

Dissertation Title
The Stories the Records Tell: Three Essays on Production Economics Using Dairy Cow Testing Data
Madison, WI
Jared Hutchins
Lyon Family Award for Graduate Scholarship on Cooperatives 2017
Traisman Agribusiness Graduate Fellowship 2017, 2019
Best Paper Presentation, SRC 2017
Personal Reflection
When I found out I was admitted to the Ph.D. program at AAE, I was already out standing in a field. Specifically, a field of dairy cows in rural New Zealand, where I was working as a dairy farm employee. I took my first skype call from my advisor, Brent Hueth, parked in a beat-up car and stinking to high heaven outside the local library, because this was the only place I could get internet.

To celebrate being admitted, my brother-in-law sent me a red, UW Badgers hat. I had very few clothes that did not smell livestock at the time, and it became one of my prized possessions: only worn on special occasions when going into town to keep the cow smell off of it.

Being admitted was a pivotal moment in my life, and that hat was a symbol of a new adventure beginning. Now that I am at the journey's end, I realize that it has been more challenging, fulfilling, and exciting than I could have ever hoped. Before coming to AAE, I learned about the perspectives and ingenuity of rural communities and farmers. My hope and desire was to bring this with me to my Ph.D. and to integrate it into my research program. Much like the Wisconsin Idea, I wanted the borders of my research to be far outside the borders of our campus. At AAE, I found a community of scholars and friends who have worked tirelessly to help me achieve these goals. While my dissertation essays started as simple puzzles and observations from working on a dairy farm, they were fully developed as pieces of research only because of all the people that have walked alongside of me and supported me as friends and colleagues.

Thanks to my advisor Brent Hueth, my fellow graduate students, our wonderful faculty, and our world class staff at AAE. I am proud that I now wear Badger gear, no longer as a student, but now as an alumnus. On Wisconsin!