Dezmond Hanenberger

B.S. Agricultural Business Management

Monticello, WI
Dezmond Hanenberger
Bio Sketch
On campus, Dezmond was involved in a few different organizations and clubs. His favorite club was Agricultural Business Management Club (ABMC). Within ABMC, he learned many different ways to apply the skills and knowledge he learned at UW-Madison to help strengthen the agricultural market. He plans on focusing his time to help local agriculture in small rural communities like the one he grew up in.
Personal Reflection
It is an honor to graduate from such a prestigious university and have the opportunity to spend the past four years at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The UW experience has been an amazing experience and one of my favorite experiences was living in Witte my freshman year. The major challenge I had to overcome was the lack of readiness when I first started college, due to the fact that I am a first generation college student and the oldest child in my family. My greatest success is completing this final step - graduation. This is a major accomplishment for me and my family, because I am the first to earn a bachelor's degree.