Addison Arndt

B.S. Agricultural Business Management

Religious Studies
Ontario, WI
Addison Arndt
Babcock House Mark Sherry Memorial Scholarship 2019
Farm Credit Services Scholarship 2019
Truman & Sylvia Graf Scholarship 2018
Ruth and Carl Miller Academic Merit Award 2017
Renk Agribusiness Institute Scholarship 2018, 2019
Dick Weigle Memorial Scholarship 2019
Community Environmental Scholars Program
Luther Memorial Faith & Vocational Fellow 2018, 2019
Bio Sketch
In addition to his B.S. in Agricultural Business Management, Addison earned certificates in Religious Studies and Sustainability. He interned with Premier Cooperative and CHS the summer of his junior year where he fell in love with the energy field. He'll be continuing with CHS upon graduation as a Certified Energy Specialist for Premier Cooperative in southwestern Wisconsin. Throughout college, Addison was able to fulfill his passion for faith as a Faith & Vocation Fellow with Luther Memorial where he served as a middle and high school youth leader. Addison is passionate about agriculture and was able to live that out through participation and leadership in the Collegiate Farm Bureau, Badger Dairy Club, and National Agri-Marketing Association. He especially loved his time serving as Steward (Student Landlord) for his beloved college home, Babcock House. He looks forward to a career in agricultural cooperatives and eventually returning to school for an MBA, masters in agricultural education, or as a seminarian.
Personal Reflection
I'll remember my time at Madison fondly. Though it ended far from how I would've liked, I loved nearly every minute of it. Beyond the classes, the experiences that I had here enabled me to live out my passions and set myself up for future success. The agricultural community at Madison is truly something special, and I am forever indebted to the professors, staff, and friends that made my time at the University of Wisconsin so memorable. I look forward to a life spent in the community that has given so much to me.
Message to Fellow Graduates
In all of this, I've had the unique opportunity to reflect. As we move on to our careers, further education, and life, may we remember to be grateful for what we have. Take the time to be truly present. Laugh and smile often, and feel the pain when you need to. Remember not just the content of your education at Madison, but the moments and experiences that helped shape you into the person that you are.