Barham-Coxhead Retirement Thank You Challenge

Dear Friends,

Thanks to those who attended our retirement celebration. It was a wonderful event, and we were really happy to see so many familiar faces! For those who couldn’t make it, we thought of you often as we shared memories, laughs, and historical reflections with AAE alums, their families, and our colleagues. There was lots to share after 68 years of combined experience.

To celebrate our AAE careers, we have created a 1:1 matching opportunity for the first $20,000 that is donated to AAE by December 31,  and identified as supporting the Barham-Coxhead legacy.

IMPORTANT: To qualify for the match, under “Gift Options“, you must:

  1. check the box, “dedicate my gift in honor or memory of a person” and
  2. write in “Barham-Coxhead legacy”.

Two funds have been selected for the match:

Please join us in celebrating our wonderful experience at AAE. You’re welcome to reach out to us directly with questions. We look forward to seeing you again before too long!

Brad Barham and Ian Coxhead

 P.S.: Click here to enjoy photos from the celebration.

Photo: Ian Coxhead & Brad Barham
Vintage photo: Ian Coxhead & Brad Barham