AAE Statement in Support of our Diverse Community

To Members of the AAE CommUNITY:

Last week the public became aware of a video posted on social media by a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, in which the student makes several racist, detestable statements. These statements are totally unacceptable and deeply hurtful.

Words matter, language matters. The statements made in the video reflect neither words nor language that is condoned by the members of the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics (AAE). AAE condemns this behavior. We are truly sorry for the fear and pain that it has caused members of our community, especially members of our Black community.

Our department is committed to maintaining a welcoming, inclusive and supportive environment for everyone. We will continue to value, respect, honor and support every individual member of our AAE community through our use of thoughtful and respectful words, actions and deeds.

As a reminder to members of our campus community, any incident of hate or bias, should be reported to the Dean of Students office. Below is a list of other campus resources:

Respectfully yours in CommUNITY,

The Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics