AAE faculty co-founds new program for graduate students and early career economists

The Association for Mentoring and Inclusion in Economics (AMIE) was recently launched by AAE faculty Priya Mukherjee and Nishith Prakash, associate professor of economics at the University of Connecticut.
With a mission to address gender, race, and socioeconomic-based gaps in the economics profession, AMIE provides support to junior scholars in economics through mentorship, resource provisioning, and a network focused on inclusion of underrepresented minorities (URM), LGBTQIA++, first-generation college, and international students (in the US and outside the US).

Along with annual research workshops, the mentorship program is one of the bedrocks of the organization,
with mentees recruited from an open call system. The first cohort, the class of 2021 consists of 32 students
from around the world. This year there are 25 mentors representing academia, industry, and NGOs. AMIE plans to scale up the program in subsequent years.

Every Friday in March, AMIE is hosting the 1st Workshop on Microeconomics as a platform for PhD students to present research, receive mentoring and to network. Special sessions will also be offered, focused on a variety of topics including professional development, mental health, and the job search process. Open to all who are interested, visit AMIE to learn more about the organization and how to get involved.