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Tayloy-Hibbard Happy Hour at Terrace

The Taylor-Hibbard Club (THC) is an official social and professional organization of graduate students, faculty, and staff in the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics at the University of Wisconsin. The Club, which is run by graduate students in the Department, is responsible for various events such as the new student orientation, a Fall BBQ, a Spring International Potluck, the Student Research Colloquium, intramural sports, and various social events throughout the school year. The Club was founded in the fall of 1922 and is named after Henry C. Taylor and Benjamin H. Hibbard, both former chairmen of the Department and both very influential in establishing agricultural economics as a discipline of its own. Thirty-nine AAEA Fellows (thirty of which were former students) and one Nobel-laureate (Theodore W. Schultz) have served in the ranks of the THC over the years.

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