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Taylor Hall Events

  • Alumni Seminar
  • Applied Economics Workshop
    • Feb 22:  Ruifa Hu - Discovering BIT: Research and Opportunities for Collaboration
    • Apr 5:  Brent Hueth
    • Apr 26:  Jie Feng - To Encore or Not? When a Patent Expires: The Case of U.S. Soybeans
    • May 3:  CANCELLED: Cornelia Ilin - The Evolution of Learning and Uncertainty in the Adoption of a New Technology: The Case of the U.S. Soybean Seed Industry
  • Center for Dairy Profitability Seminar Series
  • Department Seminar
    • Feb 24:  David Keiser - The Effects of Information Provision on Housing Markets and Avoidance Behavior: Evidence from the Flint, MI Drinking Water Crisis
    • Mar 3:  Christopher Blattman - State Building in the City: The Effects of Security and Municipal Services on Violence and State Legitimacy in Bogotá
    • Mar 31:  CANCELLED: Karen Clay - When are Resources Curses and Blessings? Evidence from the U.S. 1935-1999
    • Apr 28:  Erika Deserranno - Social Relations, Group Identity and the Delivery of Public Services
    • May 10:  Stephane Straub - Voting Corrupt Politicians Out of Office: Evidence from an Experiment in Paraguay
  • Development Economics Workshop
    • Feb 16:  Anita Mukherjee - Perils of Pressure in Door-to-Door Marketing: Evidence from a Field Experiment in India
    • Mar 2:  Laura Schechter - Mobile Payment Systems: The Impact of Layaway Plans on Product Purchases
    • Mar 9:  Zack Barnett-Howell - Vulnerability to Climate Change in Rural Ethiopia
    • Mar 16:  Jennifer Alix-Garcia - Rise and Fall of the Urban Giant? Locational Fundamentals, Trade, and the Changing Urban Landscape of Mexico
    • Apr 6:  Travis McArthur - Allocative Inefficiency under Heterogeneous Technology in Bolivian Agriculture
    • Apr 13:  Norihiko Matsuda - Fast, Easy Job Matching: Social Networks in Bangladesh
    • Apr 27:  Scott Gehlbach - Political Connections and Economic Performance: Oligarchs and the Orange Revolution
    • May 4:  Fanny Moffette - Agricultural Subsidies: Cutting into Forest Conservation?
  • Economics Department Seminars
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