Ian Coxhead

Emeritus Professor


Economics of development. Globalization, trade, labor, education and environment, especially in East and Southeast Asia.
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I study the economics of development, especially the effects of globalization and global market shocks on production, employment, wages and household income and welfare. Within developing economies I focus on the labor market channel of adjustment: migration, occupational mobility and educational decisions. I also study the impacts and incidence of domestic policies on growth, trade and environment. I am a specialist in the economies of East and Southeast Asia.
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Center for Southeast Asian Studies, UW-Madison
Center for Demography and Ecology, UW-Madison
Human Capital and Economic Opportunity Global Working Group, University of Chicago
Institute for Research on Poverty, UW-Madison
Center for East Asian Studies, UW-Madison
AAE 374: The Growth and Development of Nations in the Global Economy
AAE 473: Economic Growth and Development in Southeast Asia
AAE 731: Economics of Development 2
Ph.D. Econ., Australian National University, 1990.
M.Agr. Devel. Econ., Australian National University, 1984.
B.A. (Hons. I) History, University of New South Wales, 1981.