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AAE374 Growth and Development of Nations in the Global Economy
Broad-spectrum undergraduate class. Prerequisite: introductory economics class at college level. Crosslisted as International Studies 473.

This course explores the roles of markets, states, and civil institutions, using economic theory, computer simulations, and historical experience to better understand the forces that shape the wealth and well-being of nations and people around the world.

AAE 473 Economic Growth and Development in Southeast Asia 
Upper-division undergraduate class.
Prerequisite: At least one economics class at college level. Cross-listed as Econ 473.

This course evaluates economic development strategies in Southeast Asia and their implications for growth, distribution and the environment.  Students learn trade and development theory as well as acquiring specific knowledge of Southeast Asian economic development. 

AAE 731 Frontiers of Development Economics II
For Ph.D. students in AAE or related majors. Prerequisite: Econ 711 or equivalent.

Theory and evidence on growth and development in emerging economies, with emphasis on international trade and macroeconomic management. Using general equilibrium models, we examine the implications of growth strategies, global shocks, and policy reforms for welfare, poverty, and income distribution. 

AAE 875 Trade, Resources and Development
Offered irregularly, in unpredictable locations
Graduate seminar on growth and development in 'small, open' developing economies. Analytical general equilibrium models with case studies drawn from the literature.  Versions of this material have been offered in short course form in the Philippines (2002), Thailand (2004), UW-Madison (2003), Norway (2007),
and again, by popular demand, in Norway (2009)!

Development Economics Major Field (Ph.D.)

Economic Growth and Development is a subject-matter concentration chosen by many graduate students in Agr. and App. Econ.  Core faculty in this field run the Economic Development Workshop, which meets on Thursdays from 3:45 to 5:00pm in 103 Taylor Hall. Attendance is open to all students and faculty.  Check the AAE events page for current workshop schedules and papers.

On completion of graduate coursework, students must take the major field preliminary exam in the area of economic growth and development. This exam is offered in summer each year. It draws from the current syllabi of the three graduate development economics classes (AAE 730, 731 and 732). Students are also encouraged to read foundational contributions and surveys relevant to these three courses, for example those found in the North-Holland Handbooks of Development Economics, and to review previous exam papers.

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