AAE 320

Welcome to AAE 320 – Farming Systems Management

Fall 2020

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Production Economics

1. Partial Budgeting:          

2. Single Input Production Economics:         

3. The More-On Principle      More-On Principle

4. Multiple Input Production Economics:     

5. Cost Economics:     

6. Production Economics Tools

Let’s Talk About It! Nitrogen and Agriculture


Other Interesting Stuff

EXAM #1:   

7. Inelasticity in Agriculture    InelasticityInAg      pptx

Farm Financial Topics

1. Balance Sheets       BalanceSheet      pptx

2. Uses of Balance Sheets        BalanceSheetUses      pptx

Balance Sheet Materials:



3. Income Statements         Income Statement         pptx


Let’s Talk About It! Dairy Farming in Wisconsin

Taxes, Business Arrangements, and Farm Transfer (Phil Harris)

Taxes: Introduction            

Tax Considerations for Farm Transfer

Business Arrangement Alternatives

Beginning Business Arrangements              

Additional Materials


EXAM #2:

Exam #2 Review      pptx

2019 Exam_#2         2019 Exam #2 Key

2016 Exam #2          2016 Exam #2 Key

2015 Exam #2          2015 Exam #2 Key

2014 Exam #2          2014 Exam #2 Key

Distribution of Farm Income by Size and Type

US Agricultural Support Programs

Think Breaks (Aggregated)

Problem Sets (Aggregated)

Exam Materials (Aggregated)

Farm News Links

Farm Terminology Links