Working Papers

Current Working Papers

Are Resource Booms a Blessing or a Curse? Evidence from People (not Places) (with G. Jacobsen and J. Winikoff)

Private vs. Government Ownership of Natural Resources: Evidence from the Bakken (with B. Leonard), R&R at Economic Journal

Land Quality, Land Rights, and Indigenous Poverty (with B. Leonard and T. Anderson), R&R at J. of Development Economics

Works in Progress

What Makes Economic Growth Inclusive? The Role of Ethnicity (with D. Frye and A. Mollica)

Effects of Local Regulation on Neighboring Jurisdictions: Evidence from Mining Ordinances (with A. Kalinin and D. Phaneuf)

The Origins and Size of Environmental Agencies (with D. Lueck)

Self-Regulation in the Non-Profit Sector: The Case of Land Trusts (with A. Kalinin, W. Thurman, Q. Yao)

Effects of Land Ownership on Wind Energy Development (with J. Winikoff)

Property Rights and Natural Resource Curses: Evidence from Tribal Fisheries (with R. Rucker and P. Nickerson)

Older Working Papers

The Effects of Legal Institutions on Access to Credit: Evidence from American Indian Reservations

Contracting for the Environment: Rules vs. Standards in Conservation Easements (with S. Frechette)