Working Papers

Current Working Papers

The Origins and Evolution of the First American Environmental Protection Agencies (with D. Lueck), revisions invited at Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists

Unintended Effects of Predator Suppression: Wolves and Deer-Vehicle Collisions (with J. Raynor and C. Grainger), revisions invited at Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Election Politics and Health Policy during the COVID-19 Pandemic (with B. Murray and S.K. Wong)

Farm Size, Spatial Externalities, and Wind Energy Development (with J. Winikoff)

Works in Progress
Colonial Definitions of Indigenous Identity and Modern Inequality (with D. Frye and A. Mollica)

Effects of Local Regulation on Neighboring Jurisdictions (with A. Kalinin and D. Phaneuf)

Self-Regulation in the Non-Profit Sector: The Case of Land Trusts (with A. Kalinin, W. Thurman, Q. Yao)

Agency Funding in the Service of Wildlife Conservation (with D. Lueck)

Mining, Poverty, and Inequality in West Africa (with M. Coulibaly, J. Foltz and N. Traoŕe)

Older Working Papers

The Effects of Legal Institutions on Access to Credit: Evidence from American Indian Reservations

Contracting for the Environment: Rules vs. Standards in Conservation Easements (with S. Frechette)