Working Papers

Current Working Papers

Renewable Energy on American Indian Land (with S. Johnston, B. Leonard, and J. Winikoff)

The Origins and Extent of America’s First Environmental Agencies (with D. Lueck)

Timing is Everything: Labor Market Winners and Losers during Boom-Bust Cycles (with E. Katovich and S. Poelhekke)

Farm Size, Spatial Externalities, and Wind Energy Development (with J. Winikoff)

Causes and Consequences of Policy Uncertainty: Evidence from McGirt vs. Oklahoma (with S. Johnston)

Works in Progress

Economics of Reversing Local Extinctions: Case of Wolves (with E. Frank, A. Missirian & J. Raynor)

Colonial Definitions of Indigenous Identity and Modern Inequality (with D. Frye)

Farm Size, Property Rights, and Groundwater Use across the Globe

Dormant Working Papers

Election Politics and Health Policy during the COVID-19 Pandemic (with B. Murray and S.K. Wong)

The Effects of Legal Institutions on Access to Credit: Evidence from American Indian Reservations

Contracting for the Environment: Rules vs. Standards in Conservation Easements (with S. Frechette)