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Energy efficiency, demand response, renewable energy, dynamic pricing, smart grid, resource conservation, program evaluation, econometrics.
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I discovered energy analysis as a career path during my graduate studies here at AAE. Under the direction of Professor Provencher, I estimated the price elasticity of residential energy consumption based on data from a real time pricing pilot program. That research sparked my passion for using quantitative analysis to affect energy consumption. After graduation, I worked at Navigant Consulting for four years, where I developed expertise in energy efficiency program evaluation and honed my project management skills. My work focuses on behavior change programs, demand response programs, pricing programs, and low income programs.

I coordinate the Resource and Energy Demand Analysis (REDA) program, a 1-year professional master's program within AAE. I enjoy sharing my technical skills and professional insights with REDA students, helping to develop the next generation of energy & resource analysts. Many of my hobbies center around enjoying our natural environment -- biking, hiking, camping, gardening, traveling -- and I am grateful that my career contributes to the preservation of our natural resources for future generations.
AAE 770: Introduction to Quantitative Methods in Resource and Energy Economics
AAE 774: Practicum in Resource and Energy Demand Analysis I
AAE 776: Practicum in Resource and Energy Demand Analysis II
M.S., Ag & Applied Economics, University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2011.
B.A., Economics, Knox College, 2008.