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Friday, April 5
7:00-8:00: Breakfast in Lowell Center Dining Room
Session I: 8:00-10:00 - All Sessions on the third floor of the Pyle Center
Networks I Discussant
Bakhrom Mirkasimov Transfer Behaviour in Migrant Sending Communities Ajay Shenoy
Ajay Shenoy Risk and Economic Under-Specialization: Why the Pin-Maker Grows Cassava on the Side Silvia Prina
Silvia Prina The Effect of Financial Access on Networks: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Nepal Kei Kajisa
Kei Kajisa Neighborhood Effects and Social Behavior: The Case of Irrigated and Rainfed Farmers in Bohol, the Philippines Tanika Chakraborty
Alan de Brauw Biofortification, crop adoption, and health information: Impact Pathways in Mozambique and Uganda Victoria Baranov
Victoria Baranov The Impact of AIDS Treatment on Savings and Human Capital Investment in Malawi Elaine Liu
Elaine Liu Does "In Utero" Exposure to Illness Matter? The 1918 Influenza Epidemic in Taiwan as a Natural Experiment Daniel Bennett
Daniel Bennett The Market for High Quality Medicine Alan de Brauw
International I
Ian Coxhead Princelings and Paupers: State employment and the distribution of human capital investments among Vietnamese households Nima Veiseh
Nima Veiseh Economic Development and Industrial Dynamics of Technological Change Sarah Walker
Sarah Walker The (Rail)road to Structural Change: Transportation Costs, Integration, and Production Specialization in a Regional Economy Justin Cook
Justin Cook The Role of Lactase Persistence in Precolonial Development Ian Coxhead
II: 10:15-12:15
Networks II Discussant
Lori Beaman Diffusion of Agricultural Technologies within Social Networks: Evidence from Composting in Mali Laura Schechter
Andrew Dillon Nutrition Information, Networks and Childhood Anemia Nicholas Magnan
Nicholas Magnan Leveling with Friends: Social Networks and Indian Farmers’ Demand for Agricultural Custom Hire Services Lori Beaman
Valerie Mueller Seeing is Believing? Evidence from a Demonstration Plot Experiment in Mozambique Andrew Dillon
International II
John Gibson Rising Regional Inequality in China: Fact or Artefact? Chris Ahlin
Chris Ahlin The Conditional Gini: Estimation and Application to the Relationship between Wealth, Financial Use, and Income Inequality John Morrow
John Morrow Productivity As If Space Mattered:An Application to Factor Markets Across China Pin-Hang Fang
Pin-Hang Fang Capital Mobility and Saving-Investment Balance: Resolving the Feldstein-Horioka Puzzle John Gibson
Health and environment
Joshua Wilde Heat Waves at Conception and Later Life Outcomes Mahdi Majbouri
Mahdi Majbouri Oil and Female Labor Force Participation Sarah Humpage
Sarah Humpage Did you get your shots? Experimental evidence on the role of reminders from rural Guatemala Christine Moser
Christine Moser Voter Response to Conservation Policies in Forested Areas of Madagascar Joshua Wilde
12:15-1:30: Lunch in Pyle Center
III: 1:30-3:30
Food and agriculture Discussant
Fantu Bachewe Urban Wage Behavior and Food Price Inflation: The Case of Ethiopia Jacob Ricker-Gilbert
Jing Cai The Impact of Insurance Provision on Households’ Production and Financial Decisions Fantu Bachewe
Jacob Ricker-Gilbert Disrupting demand for commercial seed: Input subsidies in Malawi and Zambia Pilar Useche
Pilar Useche Traditional vs. Modern Production Systems: Nonmarket and Price Considerations of Cacao Producers in Northern Ecuador Jing Cai
Dumas Christelle "Sex is a gift from God": For whom ? Evidence from the Manila contraceptive ban Niels-Hugo Blunch
Niels-Hugo Blunch Teenager in Love: Skills, Schooling and Teenage Pregnancy in Ghana Marco Gonzalez-Navarro
Marco Gonzalez-Navarro Effectiveness and Spillovers of Online Sex Education: Evidence from a Randomized Evaluation in Colombian Public Schools Fei Wang
Fei Wang Family Planning Policy in China: Measurement and Impact on Fertility Dumas Christelle
Cash Transfers
Jennifer Alix-Garcia Only One Tree from Each Seed? Environmental Effectiveness and Poverty Alleviation in Programs of Paymentes for Ecosystem Services Richard Akresh
Richard Akresh Cash Transfers and Child Schooling: Evidence from a Randomized Evaluation of the Role of Condiationality Patricia Yanez-Pagans
Patricia Yanez-Pagans Cash for cooperation? Payments for Ecosystem Services and common property management in Mexico Joanna Upton
Joanna Upton The impact of cash and food transfers: Evidence from a randomized intervention in Niger Jennifer Alix-Garcia
IV: 3:45-5:45
Gender Discussant
Julia Vaillant Inputs, Gender Roles or Sharing Norms? Assessing the Gender Performance Gap among Informal Entrepreneurs in Madagascar Marc F Bellemare
Marc F Bellemare Why Does Female Genital Cutting Persist in The Gambia? A Cross-Sectional Study Jeremy Foltz
Jeremy Foltz Gender Production Differentials in Africa Robyn Meeks
Robyn Meeks Natural experiments in culture and gender roles: Evidence on spillovers and gender equality promotion Julia Vaillant
Carlos Chiapa The schooling repayment hypothesis for private transfers: Evidence from the PROGRESA/Oportunidades experiment Robert Garlick
Robert Garlick How Price Sensitive is Secondary School Enrollment? Evidence from Nationwide Tuition Fee Reforms in South Africa Mehtabul Azam
Mehtabul Azam Like Father, Like Son? Intergenerational Education Mobility in India Rene Osorio
Rene Osorio Birth Registration and the Impact on Educational Attainment Carlos Chiapa
Dominic Parker The Unintended Consequences of Conflict Minerals Policies Masami Imai
Masami Imai Economic Shocks and Civil Conflict: Evidence from Foreign Interest Rate Movements Prakarsh Singh
Prakarsh Singh Concessions and Repression: Can Democratizing Lead to Civil War? Yong Suk Lee
Yong Suk Lee Organization of Disaster Aid Delivery: Spending Your Donations Dominic Parker
6:00-6:45: Reception: The Pyle Center
6:45-8:30: Dinner and Keynote Address: the Pyle Center
Saturday, April 6
7:00-8:00: Breakfast in Lowell Center Dining Room
V: 8:00-10:00
Trade Discussant
Aashish Mehta Education, Export Diversification and Path-Dependent Development Ana Demmert
Ana Demmert Gender Wage-Productivity Differentials and Global Integration in China Ruohan Wu
Ruohan Wu Exports, Innovation and Production Growth: A Dynamic Heterogeneous Firm Model with Learning and Entry Costs Shushanik Hakobyan
Shushanik Hakobyan Export Competitiveness of Developing Countries and US Trade Policy Aashish Mehta
Maria Canon Cognitive skills gaps in India: can (late) nutrition ameliorate them? Gabriel Martinez
Gabriel Martinez Workers of heterogeneous ability and fiscal structure: possibilities for fiscal reform in Mexico Christophe Nordman
Christophe Nordman Informal versus Formal: A Panel Data Analysis of Earnings Gaps in Madagascar Mehtabul Azam
Mehtabul Azam The Impact of Indian Job Guarantee Scheme on Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from a Natural Experiment Maria Canon
Tara Kaul Measuring Household Response to Food Subsidies: Evidence From India Yating Chuang
Yating Chuang Self Control or Social Control? Peer Effects on Temptation Consumption Deepankar Basu
Amit Basole The Calorie Consumption Puzzle in India: An Empirical Investigation Ethan Ligon
Ethan Ligon Demand for Food Quality Tara Kaul
VI: 10:15-12:15
Migration Discussant
Cynthia Kinnan Migration, insurance and credit: Evidence from China Samuel Bazzi
Samuel Bazzi Wealth Heterogeneity, Income Shocks, and International Migration: Theory and Evidence from Indonesia Hillary Caruthers
Hillary Caruthers Risk Management and Rural to Urban Migration Decisions in Indonesia Cynthia Kinnan
Political Economy
Anh Tran One Mandarin Benefits the Whole Clan: Hometown Favoritism in an Authoritarian Regime Paul Castañeda Dower
Paul Castañeda Dower Vote Suppression and Insecure Property Rights Jenny Guardado R.
Jenny Guardado R. Sale of Public Offices, Corruption and Long-Term Development: Evidence from Peru. Nakul Kumar
Nakul Kumar Tactical Redistribution in Coalition Politics: Evidence from Indian Disaster Relief Anh Tran
Sarah Janzen The Impact of Microinsurance on Asset Accumulation and Human Capital Investments: Evidence from a Drought in Kenya Rachid Laajaj
Rachid Laajaj Can Matched Savings Stimulate Asset Accumulation? Theory and Evidence from a Field Experiment in Mozambique Dylan Fitz
Dylan Fitz Development Chutes and Ladders: A Joint Impact Evaluation of Asset and Cash Transfers in Brazil Salim Araji
Salim Araji Natural Resources and Human Capital: the Dilemma of the Riches and Disincentives Sarah Janzen
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