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Research Opportunities

  • The Food System Research Group (FSRG) maintains an open door policy regarding collaborative research efforts that address our objectives.
  • The FSRG is interested in building relationships with other key industrial organization researchers through part or full-year teaching and research sabbaticals. The University of Wisconsin-Madison is one of the highest ranked public institutions in the U.S. with strong economic resources in several departments. The University library system is expansive, and the on-line journal access covers most major and minor economics journals. The Madison community has tremendous ammenities and the area is well suited to meet most any housing demand.
  • The FSRG is also interested in building collaborative arrangements through joint grant-writing activities, funding researchers over the summer, and working with other funded groups or individuals working on I/O topics.
  • The FSRG is interested in funding top graduate students to pursue an open research agenda of applied and/or theoretical industrial organization topics.
  • Please contact the director, Kyle Stiegert, to discuss arrangements.

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