Globalization, agricultural growth and the environment in Southeast Asia


A suite of research activities funded by USAID through the SANREM CRSP


Principal investigators:

Ian Coxhead, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Gerald Shively, Purdue University


Collaborating researchers:

Dr. Agnes Rola, University of the Philippines-Los Baņos

Dr. Dang Thanh Ha, Nong Lam University, Vietnam

Dr. Bui Dung The, Hue University, Vietnam



The three activities covered by this research project build on past work in SANREM Phase II (1998-2004).  Research conducted in the Philippines generated locally important findings, impacts and policy implications, and in addition supported the design of processes and methodologies of a more general nature.  These were then used to initiate collaborative research on economic and social forces shaping sustainable agriculture and natural resource management in Vietnam, a country whose development and environment challenges bear a very strong resemblance to those of the Philippines. 


Our current work consists of three main activities:

(1) Continuation of empirical research focused on economic and environmental features of commercial tree crops, especially coffee, in Vietnam, and refinement of tools for SA and NRM policy analysis at landscape and national scales (Shively, Coxhead, The and Ha)

(2) Consolidation of research lessons from the Philippines into a new book (Rola and Coxhead)

(3) Transfer to the SANREM management entity of relevant metadata particularly data from the Philippines.  


Documents currently available:

Project proposal (pdf)


D.T. Ha and G. Shively, 2005: Coffee Boom, Coffee Bust, and Smallholder Response in Vietnam's Central Highlands


A.R. Rios and G. Shively, 2005: Farm size and nonparametric efficiency measurements for coffee farms in Vietnam



I. Coxhead and G. Shively, eds, 2005:  Land Use Change in Tropical Watersheds: Evidence, Causes and Remedies (CAB International, in press).  Introductory chapter