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Hi. I'm a development economist in the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison. My research focuses on problems of globalization, growth, and development in East and Southeast Asia. At UW-Madison I am a faculty affiliate of the Center for Demography and Ecology, Institute for Research on Poverty, Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Center for East Asian Studies, and La Follette School of Public Affairs.

Some recent papers and publications (see CV for complete list)
(2019) "Gender shock" and household labor allocation: dowry and labor export in Pakistan (with Ahmed Raza Cheema). AAE Staff Papers No. 593.
(2019) Environmentalism with Chinese characteristics: a review of Kahn and Zheng, Blue Skies over Beijing: Economic Growth and the Environment in China. Journal of Economic Literature 57(1): 161-179, March.
(2018) Export boom, employment bust? The paradox of Indonesia's displaced workers, 2000-2014 (with Rashesh Shrestha). Center for Economic Institutions, Hitotsubashi University: WP Series 2018-6.
(2018) Fossil fuel subsidy reform in the developing world: who wins, who loses, and why? (with Corbett Grainger). Asian Development Review 35(2), September. (WP version)
(2018) Can Indonesia secure a development dividend from its resource export boom? (with Rashesh Shrestha). Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies 54(1), April (WP version)
(2018) Vietnam in 2017: Flying fast in turbulence. Asian Survey 58(1), January.
(2017) Globalization and school-work choices in an emerging economy: Vietnam (with Rashesh Shrestha). Asian Economic Papers 16(2).

(2016) Does freer trade really lead to productivity growth? Evidence from Africa (with L. Bresnahan, J. Foltz and T. Mogues). World Development 86(1): 18-29 (WP version).
(2016) Could a resource export boom reduce workers' earnings? The labor market channel in Indonesia (with Rashesh Shrestha). Bull. Indon. Econ Studies 52(2): 185-208 (WP version). 
(2016) Rural-urban migration and remittances in Vietnam: evidence from migrant tracer data (with Diep Phan). Forthcoming in X. Meng and A. Liu, eds: Rural-urban Migration in Vietnam (Springer International). 

(2015) Migration in Vietnam: New evidence from recent surveys (With Nguyen Viet Cuong and Vu Hoang Linh). World Bank: Vietnam Development Economics Discussion Papers No. 2. Forthcoming in X. Meng and A. Liu, eds: Rural-urban Migration in Vietnam (Springer International). 
(2015) (ed). Routledge Handbook of Southeast Asian Economics. Routledge, UK (publisher's site). 

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