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There are four concentrations within the major, all leading to the Bachelor of Science degree. This is a major designed by you and your advisor to fit your specific interests.
  • Applied Economics
  • Development Economics
  • Environmental Economics
  • Managerial Economics
If you are particularly interested in business you will find our program in Agricultural Business Management (ABM) ideally suited to your career goals. You will learn managerial economics, how businesses make decisions and minimize risk, and how to use applied mathematics and statistics to analyze prices and markets. ABM students receive permission to take specified business courses that are normally reserved for students in the School of Business.


Are you interested in the problem of poverty around the world? What is the impact of globalization on growth and development? How can we use analytical skills to understand the complex relationship between population growth and economic growth? What are the major debates about food self-sufficiency and food security? How do child labor and gender discrimination limit economic development? What environmental problems are posed by economic development?

Choose the 15-credit Certificate in Development Economics to sharpen your understanding of some of the most pressing problems facing the global community. Visit the certificate website for course information.

If you would like more information on the Certificate in Development Economics, contact Linda Davis.

Business Management for Agricultural & Life Sciences

The CALS Business Management for Agricultural and Life Sciences Certificate (CBC) is an excellent complement to your CALS degree. You will learn business and managerial competencies prized by employers. You will develop business analysis, communications and problem solving skills to supplement your degree work and enhance your appeal to employers.


The CBC requires four core courses and two electives, to be layered into your CALS degree plan. The required courses are offered in partnership with the Departments of Agricultural & Applied Economics and Life Sciences Communications, the Wisconsin School of Businessand the Renk Agribusiness Institute. This certificate is available exclusively to CALS degree holders. Agricultural Business Management majors are ineligible due to course overlap.


If you are interested in adding business literacy to your transcript please contact Linda Davis or visit the website: http://cbc.cals.wisc.edu/ to review sample 4-year plans and course descriptions.


For more information about academic programs in AAE please contact:

Linda Davis
Undergraduate Student Services
Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics
University of Wisconsin-Madison
427 Lorch St. #111
Madison, WI 53706
(608) 262-9488



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