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Faculty in Economics of Agriculture

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  • Barham, Bradford L.
    Technological Change; international agricultural development; Latin America
  • Chavas, Jean-Paul
    Economics of Agriculture; Price Dynamics; Technological Change; Applied Econometrics, The Economics of Trade; Welfare and Policy Analysis.
  • Cox, Thomas L.
    Inter-regional Analysis of Domestic and International Dairy Policy; World Dairy Trade Issues; Marketing and Production Economics; Nonparametric and Econometric Methods; Analysis of Demand; Efficiency, and Technical Change
  • Du, Sheldon (Xiaodong)
    Economics of energy; commodity markets; economics of agriculture; applied econometrics.
  • Foltz, Jeremy
    Technology adoption; technological change; biotechnology; economic development; political economy; Africa.
  • Gould, Brian W.
    Agricultural policy analysis; Analysis of the economics of food safety and nutrition; Consumer Behavior; Applied Econometric modeling.
  • Harris, Philip E.
    Farm management; farm law, including estate planning, income taxation, and property rights and responsibilities.
  • Hueth, Brent
    Contracting and organizations, agricultural markets, cooperatives, industrial organization, and applied econometrics
  • Jones, Bruce L.
    Agricultural finance; farm financial management; cooperative finance; government farm programs.
  • Mitchell, Paul
    Production Economics; Risk Management; Integrated Pest Management (IPM); Resistance Management; Sustainability
  • Shi, Guanming
    Applied microeconomics; intellectual property rights and industrial organization; production economics.
  • Stiegert, Kyle
    Industrial organization of the food and agricultural sectors; antitrust policy; international trade and international competition policy

Research Staff

  • Dong, Fengxia
    agricultural sustainability, production economics, food safety, and bioenergy economics
  • Stephenson, Mark
    price outlook; marketing plans; value-added dairy; cost of processing, cost of milk hauling
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