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Current Dissertators in Development Economics

Jared Gars (Ph.D. expected 2017) "Essays on Subjective Beliefs and Information"


Srinivasan Vasudevan (Ph.D. expected 2017) "Essays on Mass Media and Development Economics"


Recent Graduates in Development Economics


Rashesh Shrestha (Ph.D. 2016) Associate Lecturer in Economics, Australia National University.  "Essays on Labor Market Changes and Individual Outcomes in Developing Countries."


Na Zhao (Ph.D. 2015) National Association of Homebuilders.  "Essays on Internal Migration, Informal Risk Sharing, and Land Use Change."


Yating Chuang (Ph.D. 2015)  College of the Holy Cross, visiting professor.  "Essays on Social Networks and Development Economics."


Jhin Han (Ph.D. 2015)  Economic Research Service, USDA.  "Impact of Weather Shocks, Nutrition and Household Care on Child Health."


Chang Lian (Ph.D. 2015) Chase Bank.  "Essays on Development Policy:  Resource Misallocation, Productivity and Inequality."


Emily Sellars (PhD., joint with Political Science, 2015) Texas A&M and Post-doc, University of Chicago. "Essays on Emigration and Politics."


Sarah Walker (Ph.D. 2015)  University of New South Wales.  "The Empires Strike Forward: Essays on Imperial Legacies in Economic Development and Land Use"


Dan Prager (Ph.D. 2014) Economic Research Service, USDA.  "Migration, Spatial Interaction, and Household Activity Choice in the Valle Alto, Bolivia"


Pilar Jano (Ph.D. 2014) Universidad Adolfo Ibanez, Chile.  "Contracts and Quality Incentives in High Value Commodities." 


Patricia Yanez-Pagans (Ph.D. 2014) Inter-American Development Bank. "Three Essays in Development and Environmental Economics."

Hillary Caruthers (Ph.D. 2013) Lawrence University. "Three Essays on Indonesian Migration, Health, and Intra-household Decision Making."

Dylan Fitz   (Ph.D. 2013) Davidson College. "Development Chutes and Ladders: Policy Interventions for Multiple Poverty Traps."

Maria Rodrigo (Ph.D. 2013) Research Fellow, Office of Strategic Planning and Development Effectiveness, Inter-American Development Bank. "Essays on Agricultural Policy and Development Economics,"

Rachid Laajaj (Ph.D. 2012) Universidad de los Andes.  "Three Essays on Matched Savings and Its Potential for Poverty Alleviation in a World with Incomplete Credit Markets and Imperfect Information."

Benjamin Schwab (Ph.D. 2011) Kansas State University.  "Nutrition and Development: The Case of Vitamin D Milk."

Lauren Bresnahan (Ph.D. 2011) Congressional Budget Office.  "Intra-Industry Reallocations with Heterogeneous Capital Constraints: Foreign Ownership and the African Experience."

Ursula Aldana (Ph.D., 2010) Instituto de Estudios Peruanos, Lima.  Three dissertation essays:  "Impact of Titling and the Availability of Off-Farm Employment," "Diversification and Low Levels of Supply Response of Peasant Farmers," "Dynamics of GM Corn Adoption."

John Morrow (Ph.D., 2010). University of Essex.  "Structural Change and Inequality:  Trade, Skill Premiums and Political Consequences."  Selected papers:

Skill Diversity as a Basis for Trade and Inequality
Zero Upward Mobility and Redistribution (w/Michael Carter)
Benford's Law, Families of Distributions and a Test Basis

Francisco Galarza (Ph.D., 2009). Universidad del Pacifico, Lima, Peru. “The Demand for Area-based Yield Insurance in Peru.” Publications and working papers:

Carter, M., F. Galarza and S. Boucher (2007). “Underwriting Area-based Yield Insurance to Crowd in Credit Demand and Supply,” paper presented to FAO Rural Finance Conference. Rome, March 2007.

David Garber (Ph.D., 2009). U.S. Agency for International Development.   "A CGE Model to Investigate the Socio-Economic Impact of Oil Revenue Investment Decisions in Chad." 

Yasuharu Shimamura (Ph.D., 2009). Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan. “Three Essays on Child Schooling and Rural Credit Programs in Less Developed Countries: Evidence from Sub-Sahara Africa and South Asia.”   Publications:

Shimamura, Y. and S. Lastarria-Cornhiel (2010), “Credit Program Participation and Child Schooling in Rural Malawi.” World Development 38(4): 567-580.   Yamano, T., Y. Shimamura and D. Sserunkuuma (2006), “Living Arrangements and Schooling of Orphaned Children and Adolescents in Uganda.” Economic Development and Cultural Change 54(4): 833-856.

Ousman Gajigo (Ph.D. 2008). Economist, African Development Bank Group.  “Entrepreneurship, Agricultural Risk & Ethnic Networks in The Gambia.”

Munenobu Ikegami (Ph.D. 2008). International Livestock Research Institute, Nairobi, Kenya. “Essays on Asset Accumulation and Poverty Traps.”  Publications and working papers:

Carter, M. and M. Ikegami (2007). “Looking Forward: Theory-based Measures of Chronic Poverty and Vulnerability,” forthcoming in Addison, Hulme and Kanbur (eds.), Poverty Dynamics: Towards Inter-Disciplinary Approaches.
Barrett, C., M. Carter and M. Ikegami (2007). “Threshold-targeted Social Protection to Overcome Poverty and Aid Traps.” Paper presented to International Food Policy Research 2020 Seminar Series.

Muqun Li (Ph.D. 2008) Samsung Economic Research institute, Beijing.  “The Impact of Market Fragmentation on a Developing Economy:  Evidence from China”

Li, Muqun, and Ian Coxhead (2010).  “Trade, technological progress, and inequality in a developing country: theory and evidence from China”. Review of Development Economics, in press.

Coxhead, Ian, and Muqun Li (2008).  “Prospects for skills-based exports in resource-rich developing economies: Indonesia in comparative perspective.”  Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies 44(2): 199-228.

Benjamin Linkow (Ph.D. 2008). International Programs, NORC. “Three Essays on Informal Institutional Change in Sub-Saharan Africa.”

Diep Phan (Ph.D. 2008). Department of Economics, Beloit College. “Internal migration and income distribution in Vietnam.”

"Interprovincial migration and inequality during Vietnam's transition."  Journal of Development Economics 91(1), January: 100-112.

Kiriya Kulkolkarn (Ph.D. 2007). Faculty of Economics, Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand. “ The Impact of Immigration on Labor Market Outcomes and Foreign Direct Investment.”

Kulkolkarn, K.; T. Potipiti, and I. Coxhead (2007): Immigration and Labor Market Outcomes in Thailand.  Working Paper, UW-Madison.

Jorge Agüero (Ph.D., 2006). Department of Economics, University of Connecticut.  Selected dissertation essays:

Agüero, J., M.R. Carter and I. Woolard (2006). “The Impact of Unconditional Cash Transfers on Nutrition: The South African Child Support Grant,”
Agüero, J. "Stereotypes and Willingness to Change Them: Testing Theories of Discrimination in South Africa.”
Agüero, J., M. Carter and J. May (forthcoming). “Poverty and Inequality in the First Decade of South Africa’s Democracy:  What Can be Learnt from Panel Data from KwaZulu-Natal?” Journal of African Economies.

Seth Gitter (Ph.D., 2006). Economics Department, Towson University.  Selected dissertation essay:

Gitter, S. and B. Barham (2007). “Credit, Natural Disasters, Coffee, and Educational Attainment in Rural Honduras,” World Development, Elsevier, vol. 35(3), pages 498-511, March.

Anan Wattanakuljarus (Ph.D. 2006) Faculty of Economics, National Institute for Development Administration, Bangkok, Thailand.  “The Nationwide Economic and Environmental Impacts of Tourism: A Computable General Equilibrium Approach for Thailand.”

Wattanakuljarus, A., and I. Coxhead (2008).  “Is tourism-based development good for the poor?  A general equilibrium analysis for Thailand”. Journal of Policy Modeling 30(6): 929-955. 



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