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Since the formation of the department in 1909, the Economics of Agriculture (EA) field has maintained a consistently strong and integrated portfolio of research, teaching, and outreach activities that address key issues about agriculture and the food system. These activities extend out to serve a diverse and world-wide constituency, including farmers, agribusiness, consumers and government agencies at the state, regional, national and international levels.
The EA faculty have national and international reputations for excellence in research that cover many economic issues relevant to agriculture and closely associated themes. This includes ongoing research on the analysis of agricultural production systems, risk management, the industrial organization of agriculture and food systems, the functioning of agricultural markets, the economics of agri-biotechnology, food retailing and demand analysis, energy economics, the evaluation of agricultural and trade policies, and the economics of the dairy sector. The EA faculty have research projects with numerous funding opportunities for graduate students in the field. Students studying in the EA field learn how to use economic theory and refined empirical methods to analyze and evaluate emerging issues facing agriculture.
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