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Current Faculty

Bradford Barham

Professor, Agricultural and Applied Economics
422 Taylor Hall
(608) 265-3090

Interests: Technological Change; international agricultural development; Latin America
Office Hours: Tues and Thurs 2:30-3:30

Jean-Paul Chavas

Anderson-Bascom Professor, Agricultural and Applied Economics
518 Taylor Hall
(608) 261-1944

Interests: Economics of Agriculture; Price Dynamics; Technological Change; Applied Econometrics, The Economics of Trade; Welfare and Policy Analysis.
Office Hours: By appointment

Tessa Conroy

521 Taylor Hall
(608) 265-4327

Ian Coxhead

Professor, Agricultural and Applied Economics
433 Taylor Hall
(608) 262-6390

Interests: Economics of development; globalization; trade; education; labor markets and migration; poverty; inequality; China; Vietnam; Indonesia; Thailand; Southeast Asia.
Office Hours: By appointment

Steven Deller

Professor, Agricultural and Applied Economics
515 Taylor Hall
(608) 263-6251

Interests: Economic Growth and Development Patterns
Community Economic Development
Public Finance
Office Hours: By appointment

Fengxia Dong

Associate Scientist
223 Taylor Hall
(608) 262-7359

Interests: agricultural sustainability, production economics, food safety, and bioenergy economics

Paul Dower

Assistant Professor, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Sheldon (Xiaodong) Du

Assistant Professor, Agricultural & Applied Economics
331 Taylor Hall
(608) 262-0699

Interests: Economics of energy; commodity markets; economics of agriculture; applied econometrics.
Office Hours:  by appointment.

Jason Fletcher

Associate Professor of Public Affairs
AAE Affiliate Faculty
Observatory Hill Office Bldg

Jeremy Foltz

Professor and Chair, Agricultural and Applied Economics
412 Taylor Hall
(608) 262-6871

Interests: Technology adoption; technological change; biotechnology; economic development; political economy; Africa.
Office Hours: Wednesdays 10am - noon

Brian Gould

Professor, Agricultural and Applied Economics
421 Taylor Hall
(608) 263-3212

Interests: Agricultural policy analysis; Analysis of the economics of food safety and nutrition; Consumer Behavior; Applied Econometric modeling.
Office Hours: by appointment.

Corbett Grainger

Assistant Professor, Agricultural & Applied Economics
411 Taylor Hall
(608) 262-3651

Interests: environmental and natural resource economics; distributional effects of environmental policies; property rights in common pool resources; political economy; applied microeconomics
Office Hours: Tuesdays 3:30-5:00pm or by appointment

Brent Hueth

Associate Professor, Agricultural and Applied Economics Director, UW Center for Cooperatives
517 Taylor Hall
(608) 890-0924

Interests: Contracting and organizations, agricultural markets, cooperatives, industrial organization, and applied econometrics
Office Hours: By appointment

Craig Johnston

Assistant Professor, Forest Economics and Risk Management
AAE Affiliate Faculty
A147 Russell Labs
(608) 890-3609

Interests: Environmental and natural resource economics; international trade; bioenergy; computational economics; risk management.
Office Hours: Wednesdays 3:30-5:00pm or by appointment

Paul Mitchell

Associate Professor, Agricultural and Applied Economics
418 Taylor Hall
(608) 265-6514

Interests: Production Economics; Risk Management; Integrated Pest Management (IPM); Resistance Management; Sustainability
Office Hours: By appointment

Dominic Parker

Assistant Professor, Agricultural and Applied Economics
413 Taylor Hall
(608) 262-8916

Interests: Environmental and resource economics; property rights and legal institutions; resource booms; economics of law and development
Office Hours: Mondays & Wednesdays, 1-3:00pm

Daniel Phaneuf

Professor, Agricultural & Applied Economics
416 Taylor Hall
(608) 262-4908

Interests: Environmental economics with specific expertise in non-market valuation; applied econometrics.
Office Hours: Tuesday/Thursday 8:30-9:30am and by appointment.

R. Provencher

Professor, Agricultural and Applied Economics
519 Taylor Hall
(608) 262-9494

Interests: Environmental and resource economics, with particular emphasis on the demand side management of energy, the valuation of ecoysystem services, socio-ecological interactions, and the dynamic allocation of resources.
Office Hours: By appointment

Thomas Rutherford

Professor, Agricultural & Applied Economics
Faculty Affiliate, Industrial and Systems Engineering
WID & 330 Taylor
(608) 316-4362

Interests: Energy markets; climate policy; international trade; technical change and computational economics
Office Hours: Tuesdays: 2:30-4:00pm (WID 4172), Thursdays: 9:00-10:30 (Taylor Hall 330)

Laura Schechter

Associate Professor, Agricultural and Applied Economics
334 Taylor Hall
(608) 262-9482

Interests: Development economics; behavioral/experimental economics; risk analysis.
Office Hours: Tuesdays 11:00-12:00 in 7430 Social Sciences; Fridays 3:00-4:00 in 334 Taylor Hall

Guanming Shi

Associate Professor, Agricultural and Applied Economics
329 Taylor Hall
(608) 263-6250

Interests: Applied microeconomics; intellectual property rights and industrial organization; production economics.
Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 12:15-1:00 p.m. or by appointment

Mark Stephenson

Director, Dairy Policy Analysis
202 Taylor Hall
(608) 890-3755

Interests: price outlook; marketing plans; value-added dairy; cost of processing, cost of milk hauling

Kyle Stiegert

Professor, Agricultural and Applied Economics
Director, Food System Research Group
331 Taylor Hall

Interests: Industrial organization of the food and agricultural sectors; antitrust policy; international trade and international competition policy
Office Hours: By appointment

Emilia Tjernstr√∂m

Assistant Professor of Public Affairs and Agricultural & Applied Economics
323 Taylor Hall
(608) 262-6278

Interests: Development economics; behavioral economics; political economy; environmental and resource economics
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