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In the Media - January 2012 to March 2012

Milk Souring as Record Profit Spurs Expansion of Herds
Bloomberg News - March 13, 2012
Robert Cropp
Wisconsin missing out on U.S. jobs gains
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel - March 3, 2012
Steven Deller
All Milk Price Hits Two Year Low
Wisconsin Ag Connection - March 2, 2012
Brian Gould
2012 projected to be a year of high prices, input costs
AgriView - February 24, 2012
David Moll
Farm Bill proposals to affect conservation, specialty crop production
Wisconsin State Farmer - February 23, 2012
Paul Mitchell
Wisconsin milk price to decrease in 2012, feed prices to remain high
AgriView - February 2, 2012
Mark Stephenson
Ag outlook conferences provides glimpse of 2012
The Country Today - February 1, 2012
Mark Stephenson
Cropp Looks Back at Record Year for Dairy Producers
Wisconsin Ag Connection - January 27, 2012
Robert Cropp
Economic advice: Act locally, pay attention to summer numbers
Sauk Prairie Eagle - January 25, 2012
Steven Deller
UW-Madison Research Shows Atrazine Aids the Environment
Wisconsin Ag Connection - January 10, 2012
Paul Mitchell
Bruce Jones to Head UW-Madison Agribusiness Institute
Wisconsin Ag Connection - January 5, 2012
Bruce Jones
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