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In the Media - April 2017 to June 2017

2017’s Best & Worst State Economies
WalletHub - June 5, 2017
Steven Deller
Clearing the Air On Fossil Fuel Subsidies In The Developing World
Wisconsin Public Radio - May 30, 2017
Ian Coxhead
Wisconsin Marks 3 Years Of Nonstop Milk Production Increases
Wisconsin Public Radio - May 23, 2017
Mark Stephenson
What Renegotiating NAFTA Could Mean For Wisconsin Dairy Farmers
Wisconsin Public Radio - May 15, 2017
Brian Gould
Ultrafiltered Milk Sparks a U.S.-Canada Trade Battle
Wall Street Journal - May 14, 2017
Brian Gould
Special Report: Impact of Immigrant Labor in Wisconsin
CBS 58 News - May 9, 2017
Mark Stephenson
In full-throttle agriculture, farmers get hurt
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - May 9, 2017
Steven Deller
Haynes: What Walker says, and what's really happening with the Wisconsin economy
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - May 1, 2017
Steven Deller
4 things to know about WI's dairy export controversy
Wisconsin State Farmer - April 26, 2017
Mark Stephenson
State, federal lawmakers ask for help on milk issue with Canada
Channel 3000 - April 12, 2017
Mark Stephenson
UW economics profs sign pro-immigration letter to Donald Trump
Capital Times - April 12, 2017
Brent Hueth
At the mercy of the mailbox: Dairies dropping farms
Wisconsin State Farmer - April 7, 2017
Mark Stephenson
How We Produce More Milk With Fewer Cows
Wisconsin Public Radio - March 28, 2017
Mark Stephenson
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