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Forrest Fund for Students

We are delighted to announce a fundraising campaign to honor Barbara Forrest’s service to the AAE graduate program, in advance of her retirement in May 2017.

The Forrest Fund for Students will support professional travel, tutoring and research activities for our graduate students. For more than twenty years, AAE graduate students have been the beneficiaries of Barbara’s wisdom, advice, advocacy and support—as applicants, as students, and as newly minted degree-holders stepping back into the ‘real’ world. Now we are asking you as alumni to give back in support of the generations to come.

Please consider making a one-time gift, or better yet, a sustaining gift that will give us a steady source of support for students. Whether or not you make a gift, we encourage you to join the Forrest Fund Facebook group. We’ll use that page to keep you updated.

Here’s the link for making a tax-deductible, online gift:

Many thanks for your help,
Ian Coxhead, Department Chair
Brad Barham, Advancement Committee

In Barbara's words...

It was March in Madison. Too early to start thinking about spring, but as I arrived at work that morning one of the campus foxes had dashed in front of my bus. In the newly fallen snow, the wild red streak reminded me how lucky I am to work in such a beautiful place.

Barbara's arrival in 1995

That afternoon, a student stopped by asking if the department could give him some funding for a summer econometrics short-course he wanted to take at Michigan. Earlier in the winter, a master’s student asked for money to defray costs of a trip to present her thesis research at a regional conference. I knew the AAEA meetings were coming up in July.

I needed money. I had overspent my travel budget on admissions recruiting. I had used up the money our grad chair, Dan Phaneuf, had granted me from his flexible account in a voluntary act of generosity. I contemplated passing the hat around the department for more. I thought about my counterparts in richer departments and universities. Davis and Berkeley have the Giannini Foundation. The Econ department has a trove of money from their rich alumni.

It was then that I wondered if we could raise some money from our loyal alums to create a fund to help grad students with professional travel, tutoring, and the like. Now, we are starting to do just that.

I’m very excited to spend the months before I retire helping to assure that my successor will have the resources to help our students be successful in their graduate careers and beyond. It’s been so rewarding to see people launched from AAE into such a variety of endeavors that have one thing in common: making the world a better place.

Thank you in advance for considering a gift to help the next generation of AAE students. And send me an email, call, or drop by -- I would love to hear how you are doing!

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