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Faculty - Fengxia Dong

Associate Scientist
E-Mail Address:
Telephone: (608) 262-7359
Fax: (608) 262-4376
Office Address: 223 Taylor Hall
427 Lorch St.Madison, WI  53706
Interests: agricultural sustainability, production economics, food safety, and bioenergy economics
I am an applied economist working on issues in agricultural sustainability, production economics, food safety, and bioenergy. Besides U.S. agricultural markets, I also have particular interests in China’s rural issues. My current work studies farm’s sustainability evaluation, food safety practices, and milk price volatility.

Recent Papers & Publications

  • Dong,F., P. Mitchell, T. Hurley, and G. Frisvold. 2016. "Quantifying Adoption Intensity for Weed Resistance Management Practices and Its Determinants among U.S. Soybean, Corn, and Cotton Farmers" Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 41(1):42-61
  • Volpe, R., T. Park, H. Jensen, and F. Dong. 2016. "Somatic Cell Counts in Dairy Marketing: Quantile Regression for Count Data" European Journal of Agricultural Economics 43(2):331-58
  • Dong, F., D. Hennessy, H. Jensen, and R. Volpe. 2016. "Technical Efficiency, Herd Size and Exit Decisions in U.S. Dairy Farms" Agricultural Economics
  • Dong, F., P. Mitchell, V. Davis, R. Recker. 2016. "Impact of Atrazine Prohibition on the Sustainability of Weed Management in Wisconsin Corn Production" Pest Management Science
  • Du, X., and F. Dong. 2016. "Responses to market information and the impact on price volatility and trading volume: the case of Class III milk futures" Empirical Economics 50:661-678
  • Silva, E., F. Dong, P. Mitchell, and J. Hendrickson. 2015. "Impact of Marketing Channels on Perceptions of Quality of Life and Profitability for Wisconsin’s Organic Vegetable Farmers" Renewable Agriculture and Food System 30(5):428-438
  • Dong, F., P. Mitchell, J. Colquhoun. 2015. "Measuring Farm Sustainability Using Data Envelope Analysis with Principal Components: The Case of Wisconsin Cranberry" Journal of Environmental Management 147(1):175-183
  • Dong, F., P. Mitchell, D. Knuteson, J. Wyman, A. Bussan, and S. Conley. 2015. "Assessing Sustainability and Improvements in U.S. Midwestern Soybean Production Systems Using a PCA-DEA Approach." Renewable Agriculture and Food System
  • Huang, J., Y. Wu, Z. Yang, S. Rozelle, J. Fabiosa, and F. Dong. 2012. "Marketing China's milk: A case study of the sales activity of dairy farmers in greater Beijing" China Economic Review 23(3):675-689
  • Dumortier, J., D. Hayes, M. Carriquiry, F. Dong, X. Du, A. Elobeid, J. Fabiosa, P. Martin and K. Mulik. 2012. "The effects of potential changes in United States beef production on global grazing systems and greenhouse gas emissions" Environmental Research Letters 7(2)
  • Dong, F., J. Lu, and A. Featherstone. 2012. "Effects of Credit Constraints on Household Productivity in Rural China" Agricultural Finance Review 72(3):402-415
  • Dong, F., D. Hennessy, and H. Jensen. 2012. "Factors Determining Milk Quality, and Implications for Production Structure Under SCC Standard Modification" Journal of Dairy Science 95(11):6421-6435, highlighted article
  • Du, X., F. Dong, D. Hayes, and T. Brown. 2011. "Assessment of Environmental Impacts Embodied in U.S.-China and U.S.-India Trade and Related Climate Change Policies" American Journal of Agricultural Economics 93(2):537-544
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  • Dong, F. and F. Fuller. 2010. "Dietary Structural Change in China’s Cities: Empirical Fact or Urban Legend?" Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics 58(1):73-91
  • Huang, J., Y. Wu, Z. Yang, S. Rozelle, J. Fabiosa and F. Dong. 2010. "Farmer Participation, Processing and the Rise of Dairy Production in Greater Beijing, P. R. China" Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics 58(3):321-342
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  • Dong, F., D. Hennessy, and H. Jensen. 2010. "Contract and Exit Decisions in Finisher Hog Production" American Journal of Agricultural Economics 92(3):667-684
  • Fabiosa, J. F., J. C. Beghin, F. Dong, A. Elobeid, S. Tokgoz, and T. Yu. 2010. "Land Allocation Effects of the Global Ethanol Surge: Predictions from the International FAPRI Model" Land Economics 86(4):687-706
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  • Dong, F. and H. Jensen . "Sanitation and Hygiene Deficiencies as Contributing Factors for Contamination of Imported Foods." in M. Doyle and M. Erickson, ed. Imported Foods: Microbiological Issues and Challenges. Washington, DC: ASM Press, 2008,
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  • Dong, F.. 2006. "The Outlook for Asian Dairy Markets: The Role of Demographics, Income, and Prices" Food Policy 31(3):260-271
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